How to clean and care your Saffiano leather product

High quality Saffiano leather is waxed which helps the leather being resistant to water and scratches. The waxed coating will repel watermand dirt but not forever!

Step 1 do not clean Saffiano leather with anything other than a microfiber cloth. Avoid using wet wipes or anything that is not genuine leather cleaning products. Using household cleaning products may damage the finish which usually lead to loss in color.

 Step 2 when cleaning a Saffiano leather product do not rub the leather too vigorously as this can lead to color transferring onto the cloth. Take the microfiber cloth and apply a small amount of leather balm and rub the bag gently in circular motions.

 Step 3 this process should be repeated every fourth month depending on the usage. Repeating the process wil help the bag looking new for a longer time.

 Step 4 we recommend you, to keep the paper stuffing, which comes with the bag when purchased. This paper can be re-used to stuff the bag when not in use. This will help the bag keep its shape and stop the leather from creasing.

 Step 5 store your Saffiano product in a dry space away from the sun. Sun is a source that could damage the color of the product.


Trois Copenhagen offers free leather treatment for all our customers. Feel free to send us an email so we can arrange an appointment.